Long Lasting Summer Blooms

Summer is the perfect time for barbecues, slip n slides, and days spent by the lake. A vase full of flowers can really brighten up any outdoor event, but it can be hard to find blooms that won’t wilt in the Alabama heat.  While all blooms will crisp eventually, here are our tips for making the best arrangements to survive the summer sun. 

Choose Hardy Blooms

There are several hardy classic blooms that can hold up to a day in the Alabama heat. Classic garden roses, zinnias, and bright sunflowers actually hold up better in the high temps than they do on colder days. Make sure that the vase is full of cool water before the event starts, and then you can forget about them until your party is over. 

Consider Exotics

Alabama is practically subtropical which makes some exotic varieties perfect for outdoor arrangements. Some more familiar exotics which do well outside include orchids and birds of paradise. Your florist may have to special order these flowers, so make sure you call well in advance of your event if you would like exotic flowers included. 

Check out the Herbs

Herbs do double work in bouquets by acting as beautiful filler and providing hypnotic aroma that spreads farther than most flowers. There are various strains of heat loving basil that smell like fragrant lemons, lims, licorice, and cut grass. You can also include more dainty scents like lavender by requesting a heat tolerant variety such as phenomenal lavender. 

Consider Living Plants

If you are having a multi-day event, or if you are concerned about sustainability, a living arrangement may be your best option. Including succulents, ivys, and hen and chick plants can offer a gorgeous centerpiece that will last all summer long. Cacti are also wonderful options if you have the storage as they will rot with the torrential summer downpours. 

Not all blooms can hold up to an all day outdoor event, but using the tips above will leave you with a gorgeous arrangement that can last the test of time. If you would like help putting together your summer flowers, come visit us in downtown Russellville to make your dreams a reality. 

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