Buy The Man Flowers

I’m going to speak directly to the women in our community today - have you ever bought a man in your life flowers? Masculine blooms may sound like an oxymoron, but one study found that 61% of all men would like to receive flowers as a gift. Flowers have been shown to improve a man’s mood, boost productivity, and make them more communicative. If you’ve never purchased flowers for the men in your life, don’t worry! We are here to help you with a few quick tips for your first time. 

No Pastels

Some color palettes feel more feminine than others, and pastels are at the top of that list. When buying flowers for men, we recommend sticking to deep jewel tones, or bright yellows, orange, and green. Unless the person you are buying for specifically requests it, staying away from pastels will help the bouquet feel more manly. 

Make It Bold

Men tend to prefer blooms that are big and bold, rather than wispy and dainty. Flowers with strong stems such as roses, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums should do just the trick. For your filler, stay away from the baby’s breath and choose extra leafy foliage or accent grasses to round out the arrangement. 

The Vase Matters

It is perfectly acceptable to hand a man a hand tied bouquet and let them decide what to put them in. However, if you do want to provide a vase, make sure it is either plain or unique to their interests. Some examples of unique vases that many match his interest are a beer stein, coffee can, or a specialty vase shaped like a golf bag. 

Whatever type of flowers you decide to send the men in your life, our biggest piece of advice is to go for it! Whether it be to signal romantic interest, as a thank you present, or for a holiday like father’s day, it is a gift that is always well received. If you need help designing your arrangement, come visit us in downtown Russellville and we will make your vision a reality. 

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